What to Bring

You are encouraged to come prepared to spend a day in a farm environment!

For your dog, please have a flat buckle collar.  A chain, choke or slip collar will not be permitted.  If you regularly use a harness for hiking or dog walks, bring that too.  A long leash is best, a 10 foot training leash works well.  Flexi-leashes are not advised nor will they be allowed around the stock.
You should be dressed for the farm, our facility is neat and clean and mud free, except during very wet seasons.  However, manure can’t be avoided when working with stock, footwear that you would normally wear while hiking or working in the garden are acceptable for the farm. Closed toed shoes will be required if you plan on entering any of our fields to work with your dog around stock.
You should bring water for you and your dog.  If the weather is hot, a small wading pool will be provided to cool your dog off.  Most importantly, bring a camera, there will be numerous photo opportunities of your Border Collie on the farm, making new friends and experiencing new things.  You are welcome to take pictures around the farm and share them with your friends and family.
Rules of the farm
·         Respect the farm and resident animals (dogs, chickens, sheep, horses and cats)
o   Make sure all gates are left how you find them
o   Keep control of your dog while not working, must be leashed
§  There are horses on the property that may not be friendly to non-resident dogs. 
§  There are dog-savvy barn cats that are generally willing to interact with strange dogs, if your dog is not cat friendly, kindly give our kitties space and an escape route.
§  There are free range chickens on the property that are accustomed to dogs, we are willing for your dog to meet the girls in a controlled environment (leashed).  This is often a good introduction to stock and sometimes allows us the ability to assess your dog’s instinct and controllability (ability to listen to commands in an exciting environment).
o   Do not enter any area with large animals (horses and sheep) without permission and supervision
o   Our resident working dogs and farm dogs are typically welcoming to visitors, be mindful of body language and be prepared to give our dogs space should your dog be dog-aggressive.
Basic skills required include a reliable recall, if your dog does not come when called a leash may be required at all times.  Your dog should be respectful of being on a leash and it is helpful if they know the lie down command and have a concept of wait and/or stay.  We recognize that these commands may not be polished when a dog is in a new, stimulating environment.  Have patience with yourself and your dog!